Advantages offered by a dual battery system

If you are thinking about going on a camping trip in your 4wd you might want to install a dual battery system. It is an after market modification but one which is quiet popular with all 4wd owners. Your vehicle comes with the starting battery which only purpose is to kick start the engine and has a bit of a reserve capacity to power only a few items when the Indian is turned of.

However if you want to enjoy a comfortable camping trip by having a fridge at your disposal 24/7 and also charge for your personal electronic gadgets you need the power which would be offered by a second battery to ensure that your battery doesn’t go dead during the camping trip.

A dual battery system is an essential part of any camping trip because it can power all the gears and accessories which are attached to the vehicle. You can easily run your portable fridge, lights and inverters without having to worry about keeping your engine switch on. The isolator of the dual battery system disconnects the starter battery from the secondary battery and this means that the power is only drawn from one battery at a time


Why install a dual battery system?

The second battery can be installed under the bonnet of the 4wd. While a universal battery tray is sufficient for certain vehicles that others which might require a customize trade to be used on the engine bay. If the space under the bonnet is unavailable then there are different kinds of battery boxes which provide a secure option for the cargo area.

It is essential to invest in a deep cycle battery. However if you are on a tight budget it might seem bit of an extra cost to you however it is best to go for a battery which offers you the maximum amount of usage. An auxiliary battery is the best one for deep cycle use and it is long lasting and compact as well. However it also depends upon how often you want to use the battery and for how long you would be using h at a particular time.

The second battery can recharge with the help of the alternator from the engine when travelling on the road. This is done by making use of a voltage sensing relay or a VSR switch. Another way of charging the second battery is with the help of a solar panel however when the vehicle engine is not in use the voltage might get quite high and you might need to regulate the solar power. However a DC to DC charger with the Solar input is the best back it is one of the most efficient ways of regulating the input to the battery from both the sources and causes the least amount of damage.

Make sure that you keep all of these things in mind during the installation of a dual battery kit.

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